Has Anyone Seen My Keys ?

It’s a common problem: you can’t find your car keys. You had them in your hands, or your purse, or on the hook by the front door... and they just disappeared all on their own! No problem. Run down to the hardware store and get a cheap copy.

Except -- you can’t. Car keys have grown up. Have you called a locksmith lately and asked how much it would cost to replace your car key? You couldn’t believe the price he quoted you. You think the world is trying to rip you off. Not true. Here’s what has happened in the last fifteen years or so.

Before the 1990s, it was easy to get a spare key at the hardware store, local locksmith shop, or dealership. But it was just as easy for a thief to get a copy made and steal your car. Advances in key technology have made your car significantly safer from thieves; but the price of that safety has been more expensive key replacements.

In the West Los Angeles, Santa Monica areas, an hour of labor at a car dealer can cost more than $100. A blank key from a dealer can run you $30.00 just for the blank. But most modern cars need more than a series of cuts and grooves on a blank key. An electronic key fob (or transponder) is part of the key set. The cost of replacing this fob at the dealer can range from $150 to $600, depending on the car maker.

The reason for that is each fob has a chip in the plastic head of the key that needs to be programmed. This chip sends a signal to a receiver in the ignition. To get the right signal, the transponder must be reprogrammed using special equipment. If the wrong signal is received, the vehicle will not start, so you will have to have your car towed to the dealer before you can even begin the process, adding more cost to your final bill.

A-1 Keys can come to your location and program your key from their mobile locksmith shop, saving you the towing charges and bringing you a competitive price for the key and the programming.

Lost key hint: consider having more than one new key programmed for you while your locksmith is there. He can give you a break on the price of the second key set, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to go through this process all over again if you misplace your keys.

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