History Of Locks and Locksmiths

The History of Locks, Part 1

Locksmiths install, fix, pick and remove lock and key systems. People who are responsible for this kind of work need to have more than a fundamental understanding of how locks and key systems work. Although there are a lot of lock and key designs that changes the manner in which lock systems are created and manufactured, the basic system of a lock and the objective for which they are used remains the same.

The early form of locks used gate keys. Gate keys consisted of a blade which is the key bit at the end of the instrument and a long handle that holds the blade. Holding the handle at the right angle will enable one to open the door lock with the mechanism. The distance of the blade from the end of the key and the size of the key determines the lock where it will fit.

Over the years, concerns for securing property and wealth increased and in the middle ages, locksmith guilds were even formed. Locksmiths used their skills in securing castles. These skills were highly valued because of the need to secure criminals or prisoners in dungeons during the Dark Ages. Preventing the escape of prisoners required locks that were difficult to tamper with and locksmiths were sent to guilds so that they can be trained in the proper way to fashion a lock. Because of the importance of their line of work, they earned higher wages than other forms of specialized crafts.

Master locksmiths in guilds were highly respected. They were individuals who came up with new or innovative lock and key designs. These locks were then put up in display in guilds and museums.

Increased industrialization also resulted in the rise of crime. High incidence of crime made it necessary for locksmiths to create more complicated designs for lock and keys systems and makes it harder for criminals to steal people’s belongings and commit other crimes. Locks became more sophisticated and were harder to pick.

Thanks to locksmiths, different types of locks are now available. Popular lock systems include cylinder locks and lever locks. These types of locks operate in a similar manner as gate keys.

In contemporary times, locks have also gone digital. Digital locks using numeric coding, access key card systems can engage or release magnetic locks. Businesses in particular, use these types of systems because it eliminates the need for copying many different keys. Although these types of lock systems are vulnerable to hacking and power outages, they are still highly reliable as a way of securing your business facility and your assets.

Different techniques are now used to design a variety of lock and key systems for residential and commercial purposes. The locksmith industry has now grown astronomically. It has even become standard for people to install locks in any building or facility. External and internal doors, windows, vaults, safes, closets, automobiles are all equipped with locks.

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