When you are locked out of your house

You’re locked out. Your Aunt Maizie who has your spare key is out of town for the holidays. Now what? Break a window? Try to “jimmy” the lock yourself? Here’s a better idea: call a locksmith.

Your local, professional locksmith will arrive quickly with the tools he needs to solve your problem. He will have several options to help you get back into your house. One of these is picking the lock.

Picking a lock is not as simple as many may think. It’s not like in the movies where the detective slips a pick into the lock and the door magically opens. Picking is an acquired skill that takes a lot of practice and even when the locksmith is good at it, sometimes it is unsuccessful. For example, the addition of specialized "top pins" can make a low cost residential lock very difficult to pick. Also, some locks require specialty picks or other devices that may not be available to your local locksmith. Most locksmiths will stop trying to pick the lock after 5-15 minutes and resort to alternative methods.

Bypassing a lock is an advanced skill and some locksmiths have learned it and some have not. The only way to learn how to bypass a lock is experimenting with locks over time. Your locksmith may be an expert at bypassing some locks, but maybe not yours. Remember, if anybody could do it, your lock would be worthless! If your locksmith is able to bypass your particular lock, however, it can be faster than picking or drilling.

The choice to drill a lock open is an accepted trade practice and one that is taught in the industry.  Drilling a lock open requires "strategic" drill points which are designed to prevent the least amount of damage possible to the lockset and mostly focuses on the cylinder alone.  It will, however, cause some damage to the lock.

If the locksmith can repair this damage, he will do so on the spot. If he can’t, he will replace the lock for you and can offer you a number of options that will vary in price and level of security.

If you have had to call a professional locksmith out to gain entry to your home, consider making extra keys now and find the perfect place to store them where they will be accessible to you if you should happen to get locked out again in the future.

A-1 Keys offers twenty-four hour emergency service. They can assist you if you are locked out of your house or your car. They are located at the K-Mart mall on Third and Fairfax and can make duplicate keys for you now before you find yourself locked out. Save yourself the service call and come by to have duplicate keys made now.

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